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Monday, May 14, 2018

Back to Basics

Aka "Making room for more comments."


  1. Thanks Doc! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring, or "sprummer" that some areas are experiencing.

  2. I haven’t posted on here in a while, as I have been reading and watching a lot about the Golden State Killer case. But, it got me thinking back to the JBR case and how I still hope it will be solved one day

    The Golden State Killer case had over 150 crimes committed at the minimum by the same person and yet it took 40 years to arrest somebody responsible. That’s what makes the JBR case just so fascinating is that she was murdered by one of 3 people and yet here we are over 20 years later with no answers. So, to start from the beginning, these are the things I am 100% confident about:

    • JBR was NOT murdered by an intruder – Obviously that means John, Patsy or Burke murdered her
    • The Ramsey’s arrived home after 9pm and she’s murdered by 5:30 am the next morning -- That leaves roughly 8 hours to commit the crime, write a RN and do any staging necessary.

    According to the Ramsey’s, JBR is asleep and carried to the bed when they arrive home after close to 9pm. So, this is where the rubber hits the road for all of us have a theory on this case. This is the “choose your own adventure” moment in the case.

    • The JDI camp will say he either lured or carried her downstairs to either a) play some disgusting sex game with her that accidentally leads to her death or b) shut her up so that she can’t talk to anybody about the molestation from John.
    • The PDI camp will say that JBR wet her bed which caused Patsy to fly off the handle and kill her
    • The BDI camp (which is my camp) says that Burke was downstairs eating pineapple when JBR must have seen the light or heard commotion downstairs and went to see what was going on.

    I won’t even entertain the IDI, because it is so implausible. So, that’s it, JDI, BDI, PDI……one of those 3 is the answer to this unsolved crime. This case has been dissected on her every which way, but for me, the moment JBR leaves her bed that night starts a series of events that lead to her death. There isn’t a 911 call, there isn’t a RN, there isn’t a broken basement window until she gets out of bed. For me, the most logical answer is that she saw light or heard something downstairs and carrying her pillow with her, goes to see what is going on. Anybody that has kids knows that when they start the nap in the car, they rarely maintain that nap once home, which causes them to awake to most things. I believe the series of fateful events happened because of an innocent moment….which makes this whole case just so tragic.


  3. I don't think it was IDI or RDI. I do think that it may have started innocent, but it wasn't innocent in the end.

    1. Not sure what you dont think it was an intruder or a Ramsey?


    2. Yeah, I basically mean that. I don't think it was anyone in the house, that night.

    3. The time of death established that JonBenet was murdered"that night". Her corpse was found in the basement; it didn't get there by itself.

      Isn't Kindergarten a pre-requisite to Blogging 101?

    4. No, kindergarten is not a prerequisite to blogging. This is a copy of the autopsy:

      It states the time of death as 1:23 am. For your other point, you can see my below post. I think that her body may have gotten there by accident; therefore, no one intentionally put her body in the basement.

  4. I just read two books -- one on serial killer Ed Edwards, and the other on the Golden State Killer. Both made me reflect back on the Ramsey case, and the more I think about how amateurish the staging was - the bindings and ransom note in particular - the more I'm convinced that it was Patsy. I read Docs book a while back and the JDI theory was very convincing, but I just can't see him writing a note like that (lengthy and gibberish). And Patsy did immediately try to frame the housekeeper (who would have likely seen one of John's paychecks -- thus Patsy using the $118,000 figure). I don't think the JBR case will ever be solved.


  5. From a July 2008 Boulder Daily Camera article by local reporter Clay Evans:

    Home Ongoing Coverage: Jon Benet Ramsey Story

    Clay Evans: Judgment and the Ramseys

    Posted: 07/09/2008 09:56:00 AM MDT

    "It was early 1997, and the press coverage about the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey was skewing vigorously against her mother and father, Patsy and John Ramsey.

    Story after story, 'leaked' information from police investigating the case implied, in ever-stronger terms, that there was no other 'logical' conclusion than that they had killed their 6-year-old daughter.

    One exceedingly well-known law enforcement officer - for whom I have deep respect to this day - told me, 'We know the dad did it. We're just getting our ducks in a row.'

    As this tidal wave of implication rose to a crest, I got a call from Bryan Morgan, the family's then-attorney. He said John and Patsy had chosen a few reporters to meet with, and would I be willing. Absolutely, I said. What a scoop.

    I could ask about anything, Morgan emphasized, except details of the case. I met John at Morgan's house on Mapleton Hill for a session that went somewhat over an hour.

    Later, after I'd pursued and published some stories in the Camera based on leads I gained from my newfound sources (including Morgan), I had a lot of people tell me I'd been suckered. I was a shill for a killer. I'd been had.

    But as I told my editors, and anyone else who asked - and people did ask, once it became known I'd had contact with John (Patsy was not there, though I'd interviewed her in 1994, long before this tragedy struck) - if John Ramsey was a killer, he was the most terrifying kind: A chameleon who betrayed not the slightest hint of depravity."

    Eight years later, in Evans's review of Paula Woodward's book in October 2016, he mentions that same local law enforcement official again:

    Home Entertainment Story

    Review: Paula Woodward's JonBenét Ramsey book defends parents account of unsolved murder provides some new information

    By Clay Evans

    For the Camera
    Posted: 10/27/2016 05:29:07 PM MDT


    "We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Twenty Years Later"

    Author: Paula Woodward

    "Like Woodward, I was involved with the Ramsey investigation as a reporter for the Daily Camera from the beginning, working my sources, contributing tips and information and becoming a conduit of information from the Ramsey family. Four days after the murder, a top investigator (still prominent and highly professional) local law-enforcement official confidently told me off the record, 'We know it's the dad. We're just getting our ducks in a row.'

    In the end, Woodward amply makes her case that John and Patsy Ramsey suffered at the hands of investigators who became wedded to their theory of the crime early on and later succumbed to recurrent bouts of confirmation bias. Those looking for a strong summation of the facts and controversies of the case from the perspective of the Ramsey family will find much to pore over in Woodward's book."

    Question: Do we know who the "prominent and highly professional local law-enforcement official" who was "exceedingly well-known," for whom "Evans had deep respect" who confided to Evans four days after the murder that "they were certain the dad did it," is?

    Black Sheep

    1. This is strictly a guess since Evans properly declines to reveal sources. However, I would guess that it could be Ron Gossage who was there from the beginning of the investigation. It surprises me if he revealed that since his partner Thomas believed the deed had been done by Patsy.

      JR always claimed that he lawyered up when he received a phone call that BPD was targeting him. It's certainly plausible that they had zeroed in on him, based on behavior (he did attempt to flee Boulder that afternoon until the officers told him he needed to stick around). Plus the fact that she had been molested.

  6. The purpose of the note was to stage a kidnapping, with the obvious intention of getting the body out of the house before the police were called. I see no other explanation. No one stages a failed kidnapping, that's absurd. And if there had been a change of plan then it would have made no sense to hand a possibly incriminating ransom note over to the police for no reason.

    If Patsy were involved she would therefor not have called 911 that morning but waited until the body had been removed.

    If Burke did it and the parents were covering for him, then once again Patsy would not have called 911 when she did.

    No intruder theory makes any sense.

    The only remaining candidate is John Ramsey. As I see it, this is a no brainer. But that's not the only reason to suspect him. There is plenty of other evidence, as laid out in detail on this blog.

    I'm continually amazed at how difficult it is for so many to get it. I.e., see the obvious.

    1. The problem is that it just isn't as obvious as you choose to believe. To believe JDI, you have to believe this was premeditated murder to shut JBR up from talking or getting examined by the doctor. There isn't a shred of evidence that she was talking to anybody about it, nor is there any evidence whatsoever that he was the one molesting her. There is nothing in his past or in the years following the case to say JR is a child molester.

      The obvious scenario to me is that Burke was eating a snack because there is a bowl of pineapple out with his fingerprints on it) along with a glass. JBR heard a noise or saw the light on and wandered downstairs with her pillow.

      For me this is the most logical and obvious scenario to how JBR wandered downstairs. Now if you want to go with JDI, then you are ok with Burke being awake, John having little time to carry out his plan, but go for it.


    2. If it was an intruder, this is my timeline of events:

      1) felt not well, so carried in from car after party to kitchen by dad, JR
      2) got set down in kitchen by dad and threw up from cocktail at party in bowl
      3) laid down at kitchen table on flashlight
      4) carried up to bedroom by dad and carried down to bathroom by mom
      5) told by mom to get ready for bed while mom gets ready for bed
      6) when mom is out of earshot, intruder sneaks up on JBR to choke her
      7) struggle ensues next
      8) struggle leaves bathroom and ends up in basement, so mom thinks that JBR put her to bed when she's not in bathroom
      9) intruder leaves JBR in basement
      10) intruder leaves pre-written RN on stairs
      11) intruder sneaks up to kitchen b/c family is asleep and puts pen and pad back
      12) intruder sneaks down to basement and out of front door
      13) JBR struggles a while in basement
      14) JBR dies early next day in basement

  7. 1) No evidence or testimony supports this statement;
    2) There was no vomit in the bowl of pineapple;
    3) No evidence or testimony supports this statement;
    4) JBR's bathroom was en suite - no need to be "carried down" anywhere;
    5) No evidence or testimony, etc;
    6) Why would an intruder be intent on killing JBR?
    7) Ditto;
    8) See #4. Patsy would pass by JBR's bed when checking bathroom;
    9) Why would a struggle between an adult and a child, who in your scenario had already been choked, take place over 3 floors? Why didn't she scream, or run UPstairs to her parents' room?
    10) Why a RN if intruder's intent, per your #6, was murder?
    11) If your intruder's intent was to kidnap, why not come with a prepared RN?
    12) Front door not in basement;
    13) No evidence, blah blah;
    15) Time of death has not been established.

  8. This is the most absurd theory. I am sorry to be rude.

    1. Don't be sorry. It belongs in the trash.

  9. Has anyone seen the news reports that John Ramsey is considering exhumation of JonBenet's body? Thoughts?

    1. I googled and read the In Touch and National Enquirer stories but it was mentioned that John had emailed Radar Online.

      From that article, with crime scene photos, they report that Jonbenet was hit in the head with *a baseball bat*.

      Anyway, here's the link

  10. Off topic....

    Anyone hear where they think the Golden State Killer may also have been the Zodiac Killer? And if so, he's been doing this since the 60's. They are undergoing further testing.

    Can you imagine? WOW!


  11. Any thoughts on the Kyron Horman case?

    1. It's been a long time since I've looked for updates in that case. From what I recall the step mom also had a die hard friend that would not cooperate with police. From what little evidence, step mom looks good for it.

  12. I’ve always wondered, if John did it, why wouldn’t he just leave a door unlocked and partially open to indicate where the “intruder” entered? Why go through all the trouble of staging then restaging the basement window?

    1. As it seems to me, John must have been initially planning on the basement window as entry-exit point. Simply leaving a door open would not, in his mind, have been as convincing as the clear evidence of a break-in that he'd been preparing at the window. When Patsy's 911 call caught him off-guard he would have realized he had to un-stage his previous (incomplete) staging and the first thing he would have needed to do was head for the basement to clean up the broken glass. By the time he'd done that the police would have been on their way and it would have been too late for him to unlock one of the doors -- he would not have wanted Patsy or the arriving police to see him doing that. So when they arrived, he'd have had no choice but to inform them that all the doors were locked, since he knew they'd be checking them anyhow.

  13. Whether you believe Hercule that the window break was an old break, or Doc, that it was fresh, there's no doubt that John used it in a tactical way, by first pointing it out to Fleet and letting the police infer that an intruder could have come in that way. There was a lengthy discussion in here regarding why John would have re staged the break, pointing to the idea that it would have looked too obvious. In any event, there is no doubt that John was underestimated as an expert crime scene manipulator. I think the only one or the primary one who was on to him was Mike Kane but sadly, couldn't prove it.

  14. Also Anonymous it was important in John's narrative, to let law enforcement know his family was protected to the best of his ability, by making sure all windows and doors were locked (although didn't see fit to set the alarm). Which door or window would he then have to have left unlocked, in order to accommodate an intruder and intruder theory. He'd then have to explain why, after all of his safety and precautions, he had failed to lock one door or window.

  15. Most here will agree this case, if it ever resolves, will do so via DNA matching. The recent resolution of cold cases (of both Joseph James DeAngelo and William Earl Talbott) via genetic genealogy / GEDMatch provide further indication that modern methods get results.

    Offenders (and un/fortunately others) may not be aware that DNA info, whether publicly or privately shared, isnt necessarily safe from LE searches...and LE will obtain DNA data by whatever means necessary as we have seen.

    “In the double murder in Washington State (William Earl Talbott), the suspect’s DNA matched two relatives, both fairly close by the standards of this research: a second cousin and a half–first cousin once removed. The former relative was on the mother’s side, the latter the father’s side, so the suspect was not hard to identify. “

    I pray these new methodologies do provide final resolution in this case, to include all suspects regardless of any previous LE contact...


    1. "Most here will agree...this case will be resolved via DNA matching". Not true.