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Notice to readers of my Kindle book: I recently noticed that, on certain devices (though not all), the Table of Contents begins with Chapter One and omits the Introduction and Preface. Since the Introduction is especially important, I urge everyone to make sure to begin reading at the very beginning of the book, not the first chapter in the Table of Contents. Thank you.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New and Improved

The second edition of my book, Ruled IN: Solving the JonBenet Ramsey Case is now available at the Kindle store. I'd been bothered for some time by passages where more or less the same material is unnecessarily repeated, as justly noted by some of the reviewers. I was also bothered by certain technical passages that went on for too long. And there were several passages that cried out for editing and/or refining or in some cases, outright cutting. Inspired by some recent discussions in the comments section of this blog, I also decided to add a chapter dealing with the vexing question of motive. Additionally, I moved certain long technical discussions to appendices, where they will be less obtrusive. An additional appendix is devoted to an alternative scenario based on the possibility of premeditation (as already discussed here at some length).