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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Case Against Burke

There is no case against Burke. Fingerprints on a bowl are not evidence. They could have gotten there at any time. While estimates vary, the chances that JonBenet ate pineapple immediately prior to the assault are very slim. The remnants were found in her intestine, not her stomach, meaning they had already been digested. For a detailed report on the various timing estimates, see this JBR Encyclopedia entry. Moreover, according to the book by Paula Woodward, remnants of cherry and grape were also found, suggesting that she had eaten fruit cocktail, making the bowl of pineapple irrelevant.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One More Time -- the Case Against John Ramsey

As so many times previously, I now feel the need to once again outline the case against John Ramsey. But before I do, I must remind everyone that

1. As with so many cases, this one is circumstantial. If there were a smoking gun, we wouldn't be here.

2. There is no point in demanding proof that John was having an incestuous sexual relationship with his daughter. No such proof exists, admittedly. However, the preponderance of circumstantial evidence points strongly in that direction. It is also important to realize that incest, and the need to cover it up, is the ONLY motive ever offered in this case that makes any sense at all. Bed wetting as a motive is a huge stretch, and there is no evidence whatsoever to support it. Sibling rivalry on the part of Burke might make sense if it weren't for the difficulty in assigning a motive to the sexual assault, "garotte" strangulation and phony ransom note, as no parents in their right mind would go to such bizarre and disgusting lengths to disguise what could have been reported as an accident.