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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Timely Rerun

Since I've been getting so many comments lately, challenging my conviction that Patsy played no role in either the murder or coverup, I've decided to post a repeat of one of my all time favorite creative efforts, a little number titled, "Honey, I Killed the Kid." At the risk of offending those who might find a satirical treatment of JonBenet's death just a wee bit tacky, I'm reposting this because, despite the tongue in cheek style, it manages to convey as forcefully as possible my firm conviction that all the many suspicions centering on Patsy are completely absurd. I've been criticized in the past for dismissing those who sincerely believe Patsy must have, at the very least, written the ransom note, and I apologize in advance for ridiculing this view in such a cavalier fashion. While obviously there is no one who would want to claim that the following scenario literally took place, if we look past the obvious satire to the subtext, the underlying message should be clear: no two people in their right minds would do all the things Patsy and John are assumed to have done on the night their daughter was killed.