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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Suggestions for Newcomers

There's been a steep rise in blog hits over the last few days, probably due to all the publicity generated by upcoming media events. And from some recent comments I've been reading it looks like this blog is being accessed by people either new to the case or unfamiliar with certain issues regularly discussed here. As a result, and to save myself the time and effort of answering the same questions or correcting the same errors over and over, I've decided to offer some suggestions to the newcomers among us. This might well apply to some of you old timers as well:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Media Madness

Early last May I was contacted by a producer at one of the major networks. She'd discovered this blog, was impressed by my knowledge of the case, and wanted to include me in an upcoming JonBenet Ramsey special. Naturally I was interested. Shortly afterward we had a long phone conversation in which I outlined my take on the case, stressing my certainty that John was the long sought-after culprit. She didn't completely agree, but she made it clear that my argument impressed her and that she definitely wanted to interview me for the show. I was impressed by this woman's open mind and her intelligence, as evidenced by her many excellent questions, and looked forward to working with her.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Right Hand vs. Left Hand

An anonymous commenter has called my attention to a very interesting interview regarding 1. the possibility that the Ramsey ransom note could have been written by someone who is ambidextrous and 2. certain evidence suggesting that Patsy was in fact ambidextrous. According to the commenter, not only was Patsy ambidextrous, she wanted to hide that fact. Which would explain why the left-hand sample she provided to the authorities was so messy looking.